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Janmashtami festival | Chhapan Bhog | छप्पन भोग

Jai Shree Radhe Radhe Janmashtami is around the corner. Devotees across the world are ready to welcome the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu- Lord Krishna with much enthusiasm and fervor. Krishna, Kanhaiya, Govind, Gopal, Nandlal, Brijesh, Manmohan, Balgopal, Murli Manohar... No matter what you call him Lord Krishna spreads love and harmony amid circumstances of conflict and chaos.  Though different regions carry out Krishna Janmashtami celebrations in their own way, most people fast the entire day. After sundown, hymns are recited and bhajans are sung in the name of the Lord. People stay up till midnight to break their fast, as it is believed to be the time when Lord Krishna was born. The day after Janmashtami is referred to as ‘Nanda Utsav', wherein people distribute sweets and gifts to their loved ones.   Why does Chappan Bhog have 56 dishes?  As an offering to the Lord, people put together a list of 56 food items, referred to as the Chappan Bhog. The word ‘Chappan' is translated