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Jharkhand Cuisine

As the Jharkhand separated out from Bihar in 2000, t he cuisine of Jharkhand is very much similar to Bihar cuisine . It consists of different cooking style which makes it completely unique. The staple foods of Jharkhand are rice, pulses, vegetables and tubers. The food of Jharkhand is generally very light and easy to digest whereas in Bihar recipes using smoked red chilli to infuse a strong aroma in food. Here are some traditional and famous recipes of Jharkhand. Meetha Khaja: Meetha Khaja Jharkhand's have a fascination for dessert as it’s obvious that there are a lot of sweet dishes that they love to have. But this dish has a special assertion as it stands apart amongst all other desserts- Halwa, Kheer, Gujia. Khaja – a patty like sweet or salted dish. People of Jharkhand love to eat meetha khaja  There is a tradition to give Khaja with other sweets to his daughter when she goes to their in-law's house just after marriage(Bidai). See the complete khaja recipe her