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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Til Chikki | Til Patti Recipe

Til(Sesame seed) Chikki or Til Patti is on high demand in the winter season. It is prepared in India on the occasion of Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Uttarayan, Khichdi.

Till Chikki
Till Chikki

Before start the recipe of Til chikki let us see the the benefits of these ingredients.

Benefits Of Til/white sesame seed:

Till/Sesame seed

The potent nutritional benefits of sesame seeds include their ability to prevent cancer, improve heart health, lower blood pressure, build strong bones,  and prevent diabetes. They also help cure sleep disorders, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost respiratory health, and aid in dental care.Sesame seeds are a rich source of natural oils, lignans, antioxidants, protein, dietary fiber, and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. They also contain thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, zinc, copper, riboflavin, and vitamin E.A half cup of sesame seed contains approximately three times more calcium than half a cup of whole milk.

Benefits of Jaggery/ Gur:

Jaggery or gur helps in purify the blood, also helps in fight cold and flu.It keeps our liver healthy and fights constipation. Jaggery or gur rich in iron so it also helps to increase blood in our body. It also prevent burning sensation in Stomach.It also help to keep intestine healthy and prevent joint pain also. It also keep your energy level high. If you want to lose your weight, then included jaggery in your daily diet instead of sugar.

Health benefits of Gur and til:
  • Eat til and gur in the form of tilkut, chikki or ladoo, then it act as a natural booster.
  • They also help to keep bones strong.
  • They act as a natural multi vitamin.
  • You cant believe but it also helps to heal wound faster especially in children

Cuisine- Indian
Course- Sweet
Prep Time- 5 minute
Cooking Time- 10 minute
Serve- 20 pieces

Roasted Sesame Seed/ white Til- 1cup
Jaggery/ Gur - 1 cup
Water- 5 tbsp

How To Make
  1. In a heavy saucepan/kadhai, dry roasted sesame seed on low flame till it splutters and colour changes to golden brown.
  2. In another heavy bottom, kadhai pour 5 tbsp water and then jaggery.
  3. Melt jaggery on a low flame till the melted jaggery turns glossy and thickens.
  4. Check the consistency by dropping syrup to a bowl of water, it should form hard and cut with a snap sound.
  5. If the sound comes, then switch off the flame otherwise boil for an  another 1-2 minute.
  6. Then add, ghee in a melted jaggery syrup and then add white sesame seed and mix well till the jaggery coats sesame seed/till well.
  7. Immediately pour the mixture onto a greased plate or over butter paper.
  8. Then rolled the mixture with a greased rolling pin into a slightly thick block.
  9. Allow to cool for a minute and when its still warm cut into pieces.
  10. Lastly, store in an airtight container once cooled completely.
  1. Dry roast the sesame seeds on a low flame.
  2. Instead of jaggery, you can also add sugar if you like the taste of sugar.
  3. Also, add dry roast nuts to make it more nutritious.
  4. I also add water to make jaggery syrup, otherwise, if you add jaggery directly into the kadhai, it burn immediately and there is a taste of burnt in chikki.
  5. You can also add saunth powder if you like the taste of saunth.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Bihari cuisine sweets

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the sweet section of Bihari cuisine.
There are large variety of sweet delicacies in Bihari cuisine. I mentioned some famous sweets of Bihari cuisine.

Khaja- Between Rajgir and Nalanda lies a small place called Silao, which is famous for Khaja – a patty like sweet or salted dish. People of Bihar love to eat khaja especially silao ka khaja. There is a tradition to give Khaja with other sweets to his daughter when she go to their in laws house just after marriage(Bidai).

Tilkut (Til Burfi)- Tilkut is a sweet made in the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. This is also known as "Tilkatri". It is made of pounded 'tila' or sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar. The best tilkut is said to be from Gaya.

Malpua- Pua/Malpua is a traditional Bihari  dessert that is relished particularly during Holi. During Holi, my mom also makes delicious malpua for which we wait whole year. I also learnt from my mom. Malpua made by mixing maida, sugar and banana in milk and then add dry fruits like almonds, raisin and then deep fried in desi ghee. Lastly, dip malpua in to the sugar syrup and enjoy hot malpua.

Rabri- In Bihar people love to eat malpua with rabri.

Gur ki kheer- mainly prepared in Bihar during Chhath festival.Gur ki kheer made on the second day of CHHATH Puja in the evening. This kheer is made with rice cooked with milk and then add gur or jaggery and then cooked until gur is mix well with rice and milk and then add dry fruits.

Thekua- Thekua is also called Bihari cookies which is made with whole wheat flour or atta mix with jaggery and ghee and mix well until it becomes crumble like texture and then make dough and make in different shapes and then deep fried in to the ghee. Thekua is prepared during CHHATH Puja as a main prasad which are made by family members at early morning which is offer to the GOD Sun in evening at the time of sunset and in next early morning during sunrise and after puja give Thekua to the devotees.

Khurma And Laktho- Khurma also known as shakkarpara is another sweet snack from Bihari food and cuisine that is made of flour and salt, deep fried in oil and dipped in sugar syrup. The sugar syrup cools off and crystallizes to give a powedery outer texture.  If you use rice flour dough and a thick jaggery syrup, you get another variant called Laktho. Both of them are really sumptuous to munch on.

Balushahi- One of  the most popular Bihari sweets, Balushahi, fried in desi ghee is among the most exchanged sweets during festivities. Silk-city, Bhagalpur is famous for its melt-in the mouth balushahi.

Anarasa– In my home my mom make anarsa especially during holi and diwali. Anarsa is made with rice flour, sugar or jaggery,  white sesame seed or safed till, khoya, cardamon or elaichi powder, dry fruits and desi ghee for deep frying. It is made by cooking rice flour in boiling water on low heat for 5 minutes and cool down and make a smooth dough. Prepare the mixture of khoya, elaichi powder dry fruits and sugar powder. Then take lemon sized ball rice flour dough and fill khoya mixture then coated with till and fry in desi ghee.

Pantua- Same as kala jamun but the shape is elongated. Famous one is from Barahiya, Begusarai. Made with Cheana and khoya which is mix together and make a soft lemon sized ball. This ball is filled with pistachios and kesar strand and deep fried into the desi ghee. Dip these Fried ball in to the one thread sugar syrup

Parwal ki Mithai- It is made of pointed gourd or parwal. The fruit is scrapped to remove the skin, sliced longitudinally, deseeded and boiled to make it tender and then filled with Khoyya- a preparation made of condensed milk and dry fruits. It is then imbibed with warm sugar syrup. Silver foil may be added after it cools 

Kasaar- Kasaar is made with dry roasted rice flour,ghee and dry fruits. In Bihar, especially in our community this sweet is made during wedding.There is a tradition to give Kasar with other sweets to his daughter when she go to their in laws house just after marriage.There is also one tradition related to this kasar sweet in which family members of to be bride hide coin in kasar sweet just for fun

Tisi ke laddoo-  Also called flaxseed laddoo has very nutrious benefit. My mom makes varities of ladoo which are delicious tisi ladoo are one of them.This are made with dry roasted tisi or flaxseed powder mix with ghee,jaggerry ,dry fruits and dry roasted rice flour. My mom mkesthis especially during makarskranti or kichdi

Laung Lata- This is also one of the famous sweet from Bihar made with maida, khoya and dry fruits.Take a lemon sized dough and roll in to thin square sheet and fill khoya and dry fruit mixture and fold and stick one long on it.Deep fry in ghee and dip in to sugar syrup .Tastes good when served hot.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

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Bihari cuisine

Hi friends,

I lived in Delhi but my native place is in Bihar. I have seen a lot of good bihari recipies cooked by my mother. I want to share those recipes to all of you so that you can also enjoy these yummy and delicious recipes at your home.

In all the season , regular food items are rice, roti, achar, chatni, dals and milk products with some variation.

Mustard oil and zeera (cumin) or panchforan (literally "five seeds"), namely saunf, sarson, methi, ajwain and mangraeel (Kalaunji) used for "chhounkna"/"Tadka"(tempering) of some vegetables. There is a lot of light frying, called bhoonjnaa, in Bihari food.

One of the most remarkable thing about this cuisine is "smoked food". It refers to using smoked red chilli to infuse a strong aroma in food. It is used in preparing "chokhaa", i.e. mashed brinjals/potatoes/tomatoes, either single or combined. Smoked chilli is also used in preparing kadam (a common fruit sweet sour in taste, technical name Anthocephalus morindaefolia) chutney.

Traditional cuisine:

Litti- Powdered roasted Chana is mixed with chopped onions, green chillies, lemon juice, coriander leaves, mango/bharwa lal mirchi pickle masala and oil. This mixture is filled inside atta and either made over cow dung(Upla) or deep fried with oil or baked in gas tandoor. Best accompanied with Ghee and Chokha/baigan bharta.

Kadhi-Badi - these fried soft dumplings (Badi) made of besan (gram flour) are cooked in a spicy gravy of yogurt and besan. It is served with Rice.

Khichdi – This is made with the mix of Rice, Dal and several Vegetables, steamed together to give a distinctive taste of different ingredients combined in one dish. It is often topped up with ghee. It is served with chokha, papad and pickels. There is very famous idioms for this:

"Khichdi ke chaar yaar,
Chokha, papad, ghee aur anchaar"

Ghugni - It is a preparation made of black grams soaked (either lightly/overnight) in water and then sauted in mustard oil in a wok. All kinds of garam masala made the paste on a sil is used for flavouring and chana is also ground to form a paste used as the thickener. This thickens the masala and makes gravy as per desire. After proper seasoning and bhunjana water is added to the mix for gravy as desired.

Pittha - It is known as bihari  momos. It is either in a shape of a semi circular, ball or boat. It's filling made of the paste of Channa Daal (soaked overnight and boiled), dry masala. It's upper crust made of rice flour dough then steamed in the streamer or traditionally dip in the hot boiling water in any deep vessel.

Choora- beaten rice, used in fast food and main course. In main course, it served with a creamy curd and sugar or jaggery. This is main traditional food on the occassion of Makar Sankranti. Another savoury dish made with Choora is Choora-Matar, Choora is roasted and accompanied with a thick spicy preparation made of peas and onions.

Sattu - powdered baked gram, a high energy giving food and used all the season. In summer it is consumed as a drink mixed with water, It keeps your body cool. Sometimes, sattu mixed with spices is used to prepare 'Litti' and stuffed 'chapattis', locally called as 'makuni roti'.

Dhuska- a deep fried item prepared from a paste of soaked rice, Chana Dal and Urad Dal(dhuli) mixed with spices and then deep fried in mustard oil/ghee. It is served with Aalu Chana sabji.