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Bihari cuisine sweets

Hi Friends, Welcome to the sweet section of Bihari cuisine. There are large variety of sweet delicacies in Bihari cuisine. I mentioned some famous sweets of Bihari cuisine. Khaja - Between Rajgir and Nalanda lies a small place called Silao, which is famous for Khaja – a patty like sweet or salted dish. People of Bihar love to eat khaja especially silao ka khaja. There is a tradition to give Khaja with other sweets to his daughter when she go to their in laws house just after marriage(Bidai). See the complete khaja recipe here. Bihari Sweet - Khaja Tilkut (Til Burfi) - Tilkut is a sweet made in the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. This is also known as "Tilkatri". It is made of pounded 'tila' or sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar. The best tilkut is said to be from Gaya. Malpua- Pua/Malpua is a traditional Bihari  dessert that is relished particularly during Holi. During Holi, my mom also makes delicious malpua for which we wait whole year. I al