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Mango yogurt recipe

Cusine- Continental Course- Dessert Prep time- 10 minutes Cooking time- 0 minute Servings- 2 Ingredients: 1 cup- Hung curd or dahi 1 mango- ripe and peeled 1 Tbsp- milk 1 pinch of Cardamom 1-2 tbsp sugar (adjust according to the sweetness of mango) 1/2 mango- chopped finely How to make: Combine all ingredients in a big mixing bowl and mix all ingredients well with the help of whisk or you can also use a blender for mixing. Now add finely chopped mango pieces and mix with the spoon as it increases the taste of mango yogurt. Refrigerate at least 1 hour and serve chilled garnished with tooti-frooti or mint sprigs.

Mango frooti recipe

Cuisine- Indian Course- Drink Prep time- 30 minute Serving- 4 glasses Ingredients: Ripe mango(washed)- 2 Raw mango(washed)- 1 Sugar- 150 gm(adjust according the sweetness or sourness of mango) Water- As required How to make: Peel skin of mangoes, chop in to the pieces and discard the seeds. Put the chop pieces into the pressure cooker and 1-1/2 glasses of water. Close the lid and boil it for 4-5 whistles on high flame. After 4-5 whistles turn off the flame and let it cool down completely In a mean time,add sugar and one glass of water in a pan and put it on a high flame until sugar dissolve in to water completely. Wait until sugar syrup and mango pulp cool down completely. Blend mango pulp and sugar syrup in to the blender and blend in to smooth paste. Take out in to the big pot or jug and add water according to your taste. Cover and put it in to the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Serve chilled with ice cubes. Notes: You can take any ripe mangoes to ma