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Weaning foods

Weaning Foods Weaning is the process of gradually introducing foods other than breast milk into the child's feeding schedule. The growth rate in infancy being high, breast milk is not enough to meet the child's increasing needs for energy and protein. Milk is a poor source of iron and also provides a small amount of Vitamin C. They are sufficient to meet an infant's need until the three months of age.     It is important to introduce foods rich in iron, vitamin C, energy and protein to the child after completing three months. They are called weaning foods Weaning should be a gradual and slow process so as to make the child adapt to the new foods. The consistency and amount of weaning foods should be slowly modified according to the increasing age of the child. For infants around the age of 4-6 months, liquid supplements are given. These include soups, juices, and animal milk For infants of 6-8 months, semisolid supplements which are well cooked and mashed or p

Mango kheer recipe

Rice kheer is a very common pudding made in almost every home of India especially during special occasions like in north- navratri, janmashtami, in south- pongal and in east- chhath puja. For me my favourite version of rice kheer is mango rice kheer.  This has the same taste as the ice cream when it served chill. Mango kheer is a easy to make dessert ready with ripe mango pulp,full cream milk,rice/vermicelli. Mango Kheer Cuisine- Indian Course- Dessert Cooking time- 40-50 minute Serving- 4 Ingredients: 1 litre- full cream 1 cup- mango pulp 1/4 cup- mango pieces 1/4 cup- rice(broken basmati) 5 tablespoon- sugar 1/4 teaspoon- cardamom powder 3/4 cup- mix nuts (almonds,raisin) How to make: Firstly in to the heavy bottom kadahi or in pan pour full cream on high flame until it boil. In a mean time soak rice in to the water.When milk boils reduce flame to low to medium. Pour rice in to the milk and stir continuously until rice cooked and milk reduce to half. M

Mango masala papad

Mango masala papad Cuisine- Indian Course- Snacks Prep time- 10 minutes Assemble time- 5 minutes Total time- 15 minutes Serving- 2 Main ingredients- ripe mango and papad Mango masala papad Ingredients: Ripe mango- 2 Cucumber- 1 Onion- 1(big) Mint leaves- a handful Masala papad- 2 Salt- according to taste Red chilli powder- 1/2 tsp Roasted cumin powder- 1 Tsp Black salt- as per taste Chaat masala- 1/2 tsp How to make Mango Masala Papad: In a large mixing bowl, chopped mango, cucumber, onion, mint leaves. Now mix salt, red chilli powder, roasted cumin powder, black salt and chaat masala with above ingredients into the mixing bowl. Now roast papad on medium flame. and immediately make a shape of Katori with the help of a small bowl. Take one Katori and fill up with mango mixture. Garnished with the mint leaves and served as a side dish or as a chatpata snack.