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Makhana Tikki Recipe | Puffed Lotus Seeds Tikki Recipe | Vrat Recipe

Why do we eat makhana during fast Makhana is a fox nut and is also a seed of a water plant called prickly water lily or gorgon which is not Lotus. It is the only food among all the food for fasting, which is not just high in carbohydrates but also in protein. Benefits of Fox nuts(Makhane) It is low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium. This is the reason that it is a suitable snack for high blood pressure and obese patients.  Makhana has some properties that help to keep the kidney healthy. Diabetes patients are also advised to eat Makhana due to its low glycemic index.  Makhana is also useful in repairing the proteins that have been damaged within the body. The Makhana also contains natural flavonoids which reduce both irritation and aging processes within the body. Some tasty recipes made with makhana Matar makhana Khoya makhana Roasted makhana Makhana bhel Palak makhana  Makhana raita Makhana moongphali ki kadhi Aloo makhana Makhane ki kheer Why Potato or aloo eat during fast Most of the