Jharkhand Cuisine

As the Jharkhand separated out from Bihar in 2000, the cuisine of Jharkhand is very much similar to Bihar cuisine. It consists of different cooking style which makes it completely unique. The staple foods of Jharkhand are rice, pulses, vegetables and tubers. The food of Jharkhand is generally very light and easy to digest whereas in Bihar recipes using smoked red chilli to infuse a strong aroma in food.
Here are some traditional and famous recipes of Jharkhand.

  • Meetha Khaja:
    Meetha Khaja
    Jharkhand's have a fascination for dessert as it’s obvious that there are a lot of sweet dishes that they love to have. But this dish has a special assertion as it stands apart amongst all other desserts- Halwa, Kheer, Gujia. Khaja – a patty like sweet or salted dish. People of Jharkhand love to eat meetha khaja  There is a tradition to give Khaja with other sweets to his daughter when she goes to their in-law's house just after marriage(Bidai). See the complete khaja recipe here.
  • Chilka roti:
    Chilka Roti - Photo from deskgram.net
    It is popular roti in Jharkhand prepared using rice flour. and besan. Chilka  It is prepared in the households during festive seasons and special occasions and is enjoyed along with chana dal chutney.
  • Pittha:
    Doodh Pittha
    Namkeen Pittha
    A speciality of Makar Sakaranti, this dish is borrowed from the neighbouring state of West Bengal.  It is either in the shape of a semi-circular, ball or boat. It's filling made of the paste of Channa Daal (soaked overnight and boiled), dry masala or with dals like in black lentil, masoor ki dal/ green lentil. It's upper crust made of rice flour dough then steamed in the streamer or traditionally dip in the hot boiling water in any deep vessel. It is like momos and tastes best when served with green chutney. In Jharkhand, pithas are also in sweet taste filled with khoya which is known as doodh pitha.
  • Malpua:
    Malpua - photo from livehindustan.com
    It is a dish in Jharkhand which prepared in Holi festival.Pua/Malpua is a traditional Jharkhand as well as Bihari dessert that is relished particularly during Holi. During Holi, my mom also makes delicious malpua for which we wait a whole year. I also learnt from my mom. Malpua made by mixing maida, sugar and banana in milk and then add dry fruits like almonds, raisin and then deep fried in desi ghee. Lastly, dip malpua into the sugar syrup and enjoy hot malpua.
  • Arsa Roti:
    Arsa Roti - photo from betterbutter.in
    It is a sweet dish prepared during festivals. Rice flour and sugar or jaggery used in the preparation.The first Jharkhand food dish that is shared amongst the family of the bride and the bridegroom. It is a tradition that both sides follow. The sweet dish is symbolic of good harvest and the tactics of cooking of the women of the house. So one needs to very careful and conscious while making Arsa. So, it is very difficult to cook. But you may find varieties of Arsa coming up. The influence of tech and easy living has actually reduced this system of exchange.
  • Khapra Roti:
    Khapra Roti- Photo from chalojharkhand.com
    Thick crepes made with rice or maida. The crepes are made without any oil or fat.
  • Dhuska:
    A deep-fried item prepared from a paste of soaked rice, Chana Dal and Urad Dal (dhuli) mixed with spices and then deep fried in mustard oil/ghee. It is served with Aalu Chana sabji.
  • Litti Chokha:
    Litti Chokha
    Bihari Cuisine is also famous in this State. Powdered roasted Chana is mixed with chopped onions, green chillies, lemon juice, coriander leaves, mango/Bharwa Lal Mirchi pickle masala and oil. This mixture is filled inside atta and either made over cow dung(Upla) or deep fried with oil or baked in gas tandoor. Best accompanied with Ghee and Chokha/baingan bharta.
  • Thekua:

    Yet another delicacy which Jharkhand has borrowed from Bihar. Thekua is also called Bihari cookie which is made with whole wheat flour or atta mix with jaggery and ghee and mix well until it becomes crumble like texture and then make the dough and make in different shapes and then deep fried into the ghee. Thekua is prepared during CHHATH Puja as the main prasad which are made by family members at early morning which is offer to the GOD SUN in the evening at the time of sunset and in next early morning during sunrise and after puja gives Thekua to the devotees.
  • Tilkut:
    Tilkut- Photo from Outlook India
    Tilkut is a sweet made in the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. This is also known as "Tilkatri". It is made of pounded 'till' or sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar. The best tilkut is said to be from Gaya.
  • Sattu:
    Sattu is a common dish prepared with roasted chickpea flour that is prepared in various manners and the most common is sattu sherbet in Jharkhand as well as in Bihar also. Sattu sherbet or drink is made in two ways sweet or salt but my favourite is salty one as I belong to Bihari family and my mother makes salty one since from my childhood so I like the salty one.
  • Rugra/Puttu:
    Rugra- Photo from Jagran.com
    Rugra or Puttu is a type of edible mushroom grows during monsoon season in Jharkhand forests. This is in high demand during the season at a high price. Rugra is rich in protein and minerals and high on calorific value. See more detail here Wild mushrooms.
  • Bamboo shoot:
    Bamboo Shoot - Photo from indiamart.com
    Bamboo shoots are used as a vegetable in Jharkhand.The shoots of the bamboo plants which are totally edible and are a part of the staple food of Jharkhand. It has a tough exterior and a faintly sweet flavour and a unique taste. The Jharkhand people prepare a variety of dishes from the bamboo shoot and mainly use it as a vegetable made of using mustard seeds and garlic as major constituents. The people also prepare Bamboo pickle which can be stored for a long time.
  • Aloo chokha:
    Aloo Chokha
    Aloo Chokha is a north Indian dish which is specially prepared in the state of Jharkhand. and Bihar. It is made with mashed potato or aloo, onions and spices like smoked red chilli or green chilli, salt, onions and mustard oil. People usually eat as a side dish with roti or rice. Yet it is simple but tastes heavenly.
  • Handia:
    Handia - Photo from Wikipedia
    The famous ‘desi daaru’ is something we have all heard of and Jharkhandis have their own version of it. Handia is a rice beer which is prepared by the local community. It is made from the ranu tablet which is a combination of 20-25 herbs, mixed with boiled rice and left to ferment. It is generally during local festivals like Sarhul and marriages when the tribals serve and enjoy this drink.

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