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Thekua Recipe - ठेकुआ बनाने की विधि

Thekua is a very famous sweet dish in Bihar. This is also called Bihari cookies. Thekua is prepared during "Chhath Puja" as the main prasad which are made by family members at early morning which is offer to the GOD Sun in the evening at the time of sunset and in next early morning during sunrise and after puja gives Thekua to the devotees.

Ingredients For Thekua

Wheat flour:
1 Kg.
Jaggery/Gur: 400 gm.
Rice flour:  4-5 Tbsp (Optional)
Ghee: 5 Tbsp & for frying
Water: Required for Kneading

How To Make Thekua:
  1. In a large mixing bowl add wheat flour, jaggery, rice flour & ghee and mix well until it becomes crumble like texture.
  2. Knead a hard dough.
  3. Make small balls with your hands.

  4. Now take a Thekua mould, apply ghee on mould and emboss a design on them. You can use the flat shape made by your hand if you do not have the Thekua mould.
  5. Now, put a kadhai on the high flame.
  6. Heat the ghee in it. 
  7. When the ghee is hot enough, put the Thekua pieces of dough in a kadhai and deep fry them till golden brown in colour.
  8. One thing must be remembered that you have to keep the flame low so that Thekua is cooked properly from inside.
  9. Repeat the process and fry the remaining dough balls.
  10. Thekua is ready now. Leave it for some time to cool them and store in airtight containers.

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