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Raj kachori recipe | राज कचौरी घर में कैसे बनाएं

Raj Kachori
Raj Kachori
Raj Kachori is also called as the king of all kachoris or a king-sized kachori simply because it is the royal, rich and splendid dish. It is a popular chaat snack from North India. This chaat recipe is simple but this recipe covers both preparations of kachori and assembling of chaat ingredients so it takes time.
The texture of Raj Kachori is more like a puri with a crispy surface the traditional texture of puri does not help to fill stuffing on kachori so it would be more crispy and more puff than puri.
I have added boiled potato and sprouted green gram but you can add boiled chickpea, crushed paapdi or boondi. Making raj kachori is quite a time taken so you can also prepare the stuffing a day earlier like make sweet chutney, green chutney or boiled aloo, chickpea or other dal. You can also prepare kachori one day earlier and keep it in an airtight container and it crispness last long for 1-2 days.

Cuisine- Indian
Course- Snack
Prep time- 20 minutes


  1. Raj Kachori
    Raj Kachori

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